Day 25: The flight

Prompt: “Hymn to Life” by James Schuyler guided by Hoa Nguyen   We wait for order to settle, like when we lay bricks to build new edifices to introduce us to the neighborhood as owners, keepers of titles, not tenants. They can rent from us, of course. Unfortunately, we cannot part from home-grown papaya fruit […]

Day 17: Throwback

Prompt: Throwback   I whip out my secret weapon in the most inconvenient of places — I laid out my gear one day thinking this is a nice quiet spot — tourists traipsed to the waterfall doing its own thing 1,000 paces away — they said, “I like that work better!” I laughed, fitted a […]

Day 13: Fauxpology

Prompt: Non-apology   I’m sorry I’m not sorry I took all the pizza leftovers. No one else wanted to clean the conference room, so I did! I tossed eight empty pizza boxes to the side where the other person said I should just put them, before she quit the next day, and now I know […]

Day 7: The perfect pair

Prompt: Current event   I wondered if a person’s greatest enemy are themselves, then we’re trapped in a loosing battle, a forever loop where random groups may sometimes do us proud, others, fine failures to pass along schoolchildren. Then machines flew high above, returning images of us tiny, how fragile we are — herds of […]

A gift!

NaPoWriMo 2020 is here at last! So much for trying to do NaPoWriMo2019! My excuse is that I work full-time! And have a bagful of rubbish that needs to be sorted out. I’m just grateful this week I’m put in a quieter spot at work where I can sort and organize rubbish from treasure! Blockades […]