Day 24: Kamias

Prompt: Write about a fruit   Kamia, sour green product of secret processes deep in tree veins that grow wild from the sides of houses where abundant rain drains into unknown depths. Kamia, weed-tree of Asia crowned with leaves with serrated edges, giving a sweet, unplaceable scent. Bark-clinging verdant fruit, thin stems grip a root […]

Day 13: Fauxpology

Prompt: Non-apology   I’m sorry I’m not sorry I took all the pizza leftovers. No one else wanted to clean the conference room, so I did! I tossed eight empty pizza boxes to the side where the other person said I should just put them, before she quit the next day, and now I know […]

Day 8: Achoo

Prompt: A line by Sylvia Plath: Barely daring to breathe or Achoo,   A cautious dawn today. A cold one, a winter morning. Sunny April. A crisp day, one to shake off sleep. In 20 minutes I was ready and out the door, Barely daring to breathe or Achoo. My mother sits at home sewing […]