Day 25: The flight

Prompt: “Hymn to Life” by James Schuyler guided by Hoa Nguyen   We wait for order to settle, like when we lay bricks to build new edifices to introduce us to the neighborhood as owners, keepers of titles, not tenants. They can rent from us, of course. Unfortunately, we cannot part from home-grown papaya fruit […]

Day 8: Achoo

Prompt: A line by Sylvia Plath: Barely daring to breathe or Achoo,   A cautious dawn today. A cold one, a winter morning. Sunny April. A crisp day, one to shake off sleep. In 20 minutes I was ready and out the door, Barely daring to breathe or Achoo. My mother sits at home sewing […]

Day 5: Sunny new Sunday

Prompt: 20 little poetry projects   Sun like damsels But not in distress, like tables rubbed with sandpaper to make look weathered, and coarse, like peanuts in salad, heels crunch with purpose a mile away leaving a wake of crone perfume — Solid tables beat down by storms Katrina and Rita in New Orleans, made […]