Day 28: Perch atop a cabinet

Prompt: Emily Dickinson’s room   A framed window whose glass I learned to open, a perch I kept atop a cabinet locked and forbidden. My nook is shadowed by a fountain palm its understory littered by all sorts of things, dry and brown. If you slightly lean out, the nest-weaving, water-skimming, soil-burrowing, tree-dwelling black polyrhachis […]

Day 11: Lavender

Day 11: Floriography   Combine kernel of apricot, nucifera, vitellaria, mellifera over high heat, stir until melted. Douse flames, stir constant. Stir until color fades from bronze to beige, take kettle out to snow to hasten process. Stir constant, add natant by teaspoons, change to whisk. Keep stirring, add halite, switch to wand. Once luscious, […]

Day 6: Hell

Prompt: Ekphrastic poetry and The Garden of Earthly Delights   One December we’ll wake to a morning full of fog. What seems like snow is powdered glass mixed with sand — nostrils used to burning, eyes sting from soft breezes escaping between doorway cracks and broken walls, the smell of perpetual dread — the bombs […]