Day 26: Go-to not-destination

Prompt: Almanac questionnaire   Weather: Sunny and cold Flora: Violets Architecture: Bungalow Customs: Social distancing Mammals/reptiles/fish: Domesticated dogs Childhood dream: Glitter and sunlight Found on the Street: Free Little Pantry Export: Macaroni and cheese dinners Graffiti: None Lover: Spouse Conspiracy: Theory Dress: Down Hometown memory: Falling leaves Notable person: Ghandi Outside your window, you find: […]

Day 9: The flamingo

Prompt: Concrete poetry Page 1 Page 2 —————— Outside, in the middle of the school lawn, the mighty tiny human yelped, watch me! The flamingo will fly! Oh no, I said, and she waved it around and grinned. Up! She made the flamingo fly, shocking pink against a cloudless azure sky. up! she made the […]

Day 7: The perfect pair

Prompt: Current event   I wondered if a person’s greatest enemy are themselves, then we’re trapped in a loosing battle, a forever loop where random groups may sometimes do us proud, others, fine failures to pass along schoolchildren. Then machines flew high above, returning images of us tiny, how fragile we are — herds of […]