Day 30: Shopping in the age of virus

Prompt: Returns   Five-fifty on a Sunday in the age of virus: Details of a life-threatening routine shopping run: Four packs toilet paper — the most they would sell. Auto dish powder times two, dish liquid lime, dish liquid lemon, dish liquid apple pear, dish liquid grapefruit, lemon glow disinfectant, and in mandarin and ginger, […]

Day 3: Open a window

Prompt: Similar-sounding word bank A belated April Fools’ Day — didn’t mean to prank anyone, but it isn’t really a prank if forewarned — see if you can find the joke in this poem. It’s stuck in my head and begging to be let out for a while now, meaning, it’s always known I was […]

Day 1: A reading in brownies

Day 1: Self-portrait in metaphor My online Tarot reading said, “You are fat, swinging, delicious, phonic, and burnt.” Sweet taste of pizza, just like my surging blood presure, listed as bursting with thirty seconds left to live. A choice of time offered, enough of “All of the above,” my favorite. A choice to live or […]