All done! has a special nook in my space because it’s the only writing challenge that validates my high school penchant for winning awards, haha — the featured participant roster is no easy task to enter! Getting picked is two-step — you have to be willing to blog your poem, and post it to the prompt […]

Day 26: Go-to not-destination

Prompt: Almanac questionnaire   Weather: Sunny and cold Flora: Violets Architecture: Bungalow Customs: Social distancing Mammals/reptiles/fish: Domesticated dogs Childhood dream: Glitter and sunlight Found on the Street: Free Little Pantry Export: Macaroni and cheese dinners Graffiti: None Lover: Spouse Conspiracy: Theory Dress: Down Hometown memory: Falling leaves Notable person: Ghandi Outside your window, you find: […]

Day 1: A reading in brownies

Day 1: Self-portrait in metaphor My online Tarot reading said, “You are fat, swinging, delicious, phonic, and burnt.” Sweet taste of pizza, just like my surging blood presure, listed as bursting with thirty seconds left to live. A choice of time offered, enough of “All of the above,” my favorite. A choice to live or […]