Day 10: Eastertide

Prompt: Hay(na)ku from Magic Realism Bot   A bureaucrat looks into spectacles sees every angel’s sigh in Chicago. Accounts all for today’s governor’s news conference, number of beds on standby, possibly forever, waiting patiently for slightly unwell bodies, those on the mend, chronic, the ones whose stilled breathing deferred fifty more years, forty, thirty, twenty, […]

Day 7: The perfect pair

Prompt: Current event   I wondered if a person’s greatest enemy are themselves, then we’re trapped in a loosing battle, a forever loop where random groups may sometimes do us proud, others, fine failures to pass along schoolchildren. Then machines flew high above, returning images of us tiny, how fragile we are — herds of […]

Day 4: Throwing out thread

Day 4: Dreams   I dreamed the dream of someone in a movie — the reason the character turned evil, his descend into soulless existence, screaming murderous purpose, a score of years gone — he wakes next to grown children, admitting their righteousness, as if twenty years had not happened, and their mother still about. […]