Day 25: The flight

Prompt: “Hymn to Life” by James Schuyler guided by Hoa Nguyen   We wait for order to settle, like when we lay bricks to build new edifices to introduce us to the neighborhood as owners, keepers of titles, not tenants. They can rent from us, of course. Unfortunately, we cannot part from home-grown papaya fruit […]

Day 10: Eastertide

Prompt: Hay(na)ku from Magic Realism Bot   A bureaucrat looks into spectacles sees every angel’s sigh in Chicago. Accounts all for today’s governor’s news conference, number of beds on standby, possibly forever, waiting patiently for slightly unwell bodies, those on the mend, chronic, the ones whose stilled breathing deferred fifty more years, forty, thirty, twenty, […]

Day 8: Achoo

Prompt: A line by Sylvia Plath: Barely daring to breathe or Achoo,   A cautious dawn today. A cold one, a winter morning. Sunny April. A crisp day, one to shake off sleep. In 20 minutes I was ready and out the door, Barely daring to breathe or Achoo. My mother sits at home sewing […]

Day 1: A reading in brownies

Day 1: Self-portrait in metaphor My online Tarot reading said, “You are fat, swinging, delicious, phonic, and burnt.” Sweet taste of pizza, just like my surging blood presure, listed as bursting with thirty seconds left to live. A choice of time offered, enough of “All of the above,” my favorite. A choice to live or […]