Day 27: My neighbor’s music

Prompt: Write a review   If neighbors were oysters, this one takes the pearl. A stupendous neighbor! A great worrying. If you’re looking for someone to give you early gray hairs and a cigarette-dotted back yard, Look no further! Take my wonderful neighbor. This one will keep you up all night with their loud music! […]

Day 17: Throwback

Prompt: Throwback   I whip out my secret weapon in the most inconvenient of places — I laid out my gear one day thinking this is a nice quiet spot — tourists traipsed to the waterfall doing its own thing 1,000 paces away — they said, “I like that work better!” I laughed, fitted a […]

Day 12: Easter cake

Prompt: Triolet Can’t wait to eat cake this Easter Sunday, when they gave us the treat last Saturday. In the fridge it stayed all day Monday, Can’t wait to eat cake this Easter Sunday! The cake held great Tuesday and Wednesday, stayed intact on Thursday and Friday! Can’t wait to eat cake this Easter Sunday! […]