Day 24: Kamias

Prompt: Write about a fruit   Kamia, sour green product of secret processes deep in tree veins that grow wild from the sides of houses where abundant rain drains into unknown depths. Kamia, weed-tree of Asia crowned with leaves with serrated edges, giving a sweet, unplaceable scent. Bark-clinging verdant fruit, thin stems grip a root […]

Day 11: Lavender

Day 11: Floriography   Combine kernel of apricot, nucifera, vitellaria, mellifera over high heat, stir until melted. Douse flames, stir constant. Stir until color fades from bronze to beige, take kettle out to snow to hasten process. Stir constant, add natant by teaspoons, change to whisk. Keep stirring, add halite, switch to wand. Once luscious, […]