Day 14: Ms. Manila

Prompt: Forebears   The students that died on the streets of Manila were only trying to point out the obvious: Where did you get the money to gild every corner of your dozen houses when my family could barely afford shoes? Why are you sending the military to disperse crowds gathering along a historic monument […]

Day 7: The perfect pair

Prompt: Current event   I wondered if a person’s greatest enemy are themselves, then we’re trapped in a loosing battle, a forever loop where random groups may sometimes do us proud, others, fine failures to pass along schoolchildren. Then machines flew high above, returning images of us tiny, how fragile we are — herds of […]

Day 5: Sunny new Sunday

Prompt: 20 little poetry projects   Sun like damsels But not in distress, like tables rubbed with sandpaper to make look weathered, and coarse, like peanuts in salad, heels crunch with purpose a mile away leaving a wake of crone perfume — Solid tables beat down by storms Katrina and Rita in New Orleans, made […]