All done! has a special nook in my space because it’s the only writing challenge that validates my high school penchant for winning awards, haha — the featured participant roster is no easy task to enter! Getting picked is two-step — you have to be willing to blog your poem, and post it to the prompt comments page. The mercy is no one considers any poem drafted during NaPoWriMo a finished piece. Still, I’m so happy and proud to have been picked this year! πŸ˜€

In the past, I’ve left my poems up for reading for a month after April 30. On June 1, I’ll password protect this blog. Please e-mail me to obtain the password! I appreciate all readers and constructive feedback!

I’m attempting to join Story A Day now. Still getting set up there. Hopefully, I can post something today!

Many thanks for reading and following me on this journey. I had to skip 2019, but will give myself time and attempt to catch up. I’ve created the blog for it, all I need to do is fill it. I’ll post the link when it’s ready. Until next time, stay safe and healthy. ❀

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