Day 30: Shopping in the age of virus

Prompt: Returns


Five-fifty on a Sunday
in the age of virus: Details
of a life-threatening routine shopping run:

Four packs toilet paper —
the most they would sell.
Auto dish powder times two,

dish liquid lime, dish liquid lemon,
dish liquid apple pear,
dish liquid grapefruit,

lemon glow disinfectant,
and in mandarin and ginger,
and in mango and hibiscus,

mild soap three-pack three ounces,
green soap three-pack three ounces,
soaps oatmeal & verbena,

green soap lavender & lemon,
charcoal bar soap, Oil of Life
for sensitive skin times two,

ocean disinfectant. Waterfall mists,
olive oil body wash,
clarifying shampoo.

A daily defense of fresh rose foam bath.
A daily defense of sweet cherry blossoms,
extra body for your hair. Cocoa butter

lotion after sorting things out.
Kids toothpaste and they say, “Please
use it everyday.”  Enjoy these kitty

blind boxes times two
and the clay inside,
and two sticks of deodorant —

pre-sharpened color pencils,
pack of ten,
bottled white glue,

journal throwback, one plain,
the other lined. Three canvas aprons,
in red, blue, and green. One gold star

to nightlight the way,
four rolls of metallic stars.
four rolls of decorative tape.

Some items defy logic —
cannot return what you can’t identify —

but soothing cornstarch foot spray
may not be so illogical.
Summer hikes will come around again,

and standing in line six feet
from the next person
forms a line half a block long

in the April sunset only
for privacy,
hardly for safety.

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