Day 28: Perch atop a cabinet

Prompt: Emily Dickinson’s room


A framed window
whose glass I learned
to open,

a perch I kept
atop a cabinet
locked and forbidden.

My nook
is shadowed by
a fountain palm

its understory
littered by all sorts
of things, dry and brown.

If you slightly lean out,
the nest-weaving, water-skimming,
soil-burrowing, tree-dwelling

black polyrhachis
line up and make rows
on the cream walls outside.

Snow, I poured over
their nest, being taught
to exterminate ants,

really, baby powder.
The ants scattered,
loosing their tracks,

and I kept the snow going
until one figured
to climb the cream walls.

It made it halfway
until a tiny speck
caught its forehead.

It fell. Frenzied ants
now scurried
over a mound of powder.

Then I was told off the ledge
but allowed a rest in bed
in view of the big anahaw palm.

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